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The Story


Hi, I'm Shreya

Introduction to Shreya's Kitchen:​

I'm so excited to launch this food blog and share my recipes with all of you. I decided it was time to develop a platform with comprehensive instructions on all of my most - loved recipes. 

Some Background: 

I began creating recipes in the midst of quarantine, when I found myself feeling unproductive, anxious, and unstimulated within the four walls of my home. I began cooking more and more since going out to restaurants was no longer an option. Quickly, what I had often looked at as a tedious chore became my primary source of happiness throughout the day.

So, long story short, what started as a simple quarantine-induced hobby, has now flourished into an all-consuming passion. Cooking has given me the creative outlet I have been searching for my entire life, and I am now starting this blog to share those creations with the world.

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