Are you even Canadian if you don't love poutine?! Here's a simple vegetarian version of this Canadian classic.

This poutine is made with a rich mushroom gravy, air fryer french fries, and melted cheese! It can easily be made vegan with Violife cheese shreds (pictured here). Otherwise, you can use cheese curds or mozzarella for this recipe!

Mushroom Gravy:

  1. 1c finely chopped crimini mushrooms

  2. 1/4 c yellow onions finely chopped

  3. 1 tbsp garlic (~ 2 large garlic cloves finely chopped)

  4. 2.5 tbsp earth balance butter

  5. 1.5 c vegetable broth

  6. 1 c water

  7. 1/4 c all purpose flour

  8. 1/4 tsp oregano and thyme

  9. 1 tsp onion powder

  10. 1.5 tbsp soy sauce

  11. Pepper to taste


  1. 2 gold potatoes

  2. 1/2 tbsp oil

  3. Salt to taste


  1. Fresh Mozzarella or cheese curds

  2. Note: if you want to make this recipe totally vegan feel free to use vegan mozzarella shreds - my favorite brand is violife!)

Mushroom Gravy:

  1. Sauté onions in the earth balance butter and then add mushrooms and cook under tender

  2. Add garlic and sauté for another 30 seconds

  3. Add vegetable broth, and all seasonings including soy sauce

  4. Mix the flour and water in a separate container until it’s completely free of clumps

  5. Now add this flour mixture and let the gravy simmer for 10 minutes or so or until the desired consistency is reached


  1. Peel your potatoes and cut them into fry shapes.

  2. Coat evenly with oil and salt, and pop into the air fryer at 400 degrees for 18 minutes. Make sure to shake the fryer basket half way through the cooking process.

  3. Grab your mozzarella and cut it up into small chunks (or use your vegan shreds)

  4. One minute before your cook time is up, sprinkle the mozzarella evenly all over your fries in the airfryer basket. This will allow the cheese to melt perfectly before serving.

  5. Take your fries out of the basket when the time is up, and then pour your mushroom gravy on top and enjoy!

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